Gomez Concrete Services LLC - American Fork is a master in residential and commercial concrete service that is based in American Fork, UT. Shrewd homeowners and wise entrepreneurs always come to us for their needs in concrete work. If you are wondering how we managed to earn their trust, you should continue reading this article.

concrete serviceStamped Concrete – Concrete is one of the most popular yet unappreciated construction materials. Its cheapness and durability have made it as one of the preferred building materials known to man. But in the same time, concrete is just used to create foundation slabs. So we dare to push the boundaries by offering concrete design. Due to its versatility, concrete can mimic more expensive construction materials such as marble and wood. We can use this to decorate your patio or your driveway.


Our very first task would be to ask you what particular building material you would like to replicate. The most common ones are brick, wood, and cobblestone. We can now move on to the next step which would be the placing of the concrete. We would still need to follow the specifications and requirements set for depth and reinforcement. But we would stay away from cement enriched with calcium chloride. Although there are two ways in putting color into the concrete, we would often use the integral color because we are assured that the concrete slab is thoroughly colored. To make sure that the project is a success, we would use a color hardener and release agents. Once we have applied these two, we can start putting texture on the concrete slabs.


Concrete Floor – We often do this project to replace rotten wooden floors. So our first task would be to prepare the floors by removing all baseboards with the use of a pry bar. We would also need to dig the required depth and fill them with sand. We would also need to install insulation boards before starting the concrete installation job.

If you want to replace the floors in your house in American Fork, UT but you do not want to spend a fortune for it, you should immediately ask help from Gomez Concrete Services LLC - American Fork. We will provide you with a cheap alternative. All you have to do is call us at (801) 876-4728.