Will a  Residential Concrete Company Know What Parging Is?

Parging is a construction method that can be used to finish off a masonry or cement wall. It is very similar to stucco; however, this uses masonry mortar instead of a stucco mixture. This can be applied to new or existing walls, and it is used in residential and commercial buildings. This term is both is a verb and a noun used to describe the process and the mixture too.

Most parging is made from a combination of water, masonry, and Portland cement and lime. While it is possible for people to make their own blends, it is usually much easier to buy a pre-made mix from most hardware or home improvement stores. Water needs to be carefully added using the instructions on the packaging. As a mix which is too wet will eventually crack, while dry mixtures may not adhere to the wall.

This is applied with a standard masonry trowel and is normally installed using thin coats. The walls must be wet beforehand, as this will help the mixture stick to the masonry. All depending upon one’s desired finish, the walls can be very heavily textured or smooth. To keep this smooth, a cement and concrete service contractor or another person applying this must keep their trowel extremely wet whilst applying it. Most installers apply a second coat once the first one has cured.

This can be used on walls on the interior and exterior. It can be applied to columns, vertical surfaces, foundations, or any surface which is made from brick, concrete, or stone. Due to the fact the ingredients in parging are quite heavy, it is vital for installers to only apply very thin layers. Several layers can be applied in order to create a thicker finish.

Parging is a cheap and easy way to use solution for covering any unattractive masonry surfaces. It covers cracks and water damage or voids and holes. The mortar can even help seal minor air leaks within a concrete wall, which will lead to a small improvement in one’s energy efficiency. Parged walls can even be painted to blend in with its surroundings.

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